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the best paella pans only from Valencia Spain

Here you can find a range of authentic paella pans which we have selected for you. Each style of paella pan has its advantages; From the traditional Carbon Steel paella pan or the easy care Enamelled Paella pan, to the specially made paella pans for Induction with the flat base; We also have the special thickness paella pan which is thicker and sturdier and indicated for restaurant kitchen; and the top of the range stainless steel paella pan, a great choice for people who like to keep their pans on display. All the paella pans can be used on a gas or charcoal grill or on our paella burners and all paellas are made in Valencia, Spain. See the "Care Instruction" tab.


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  • Carbon Steel Paella Pan

    Polished Steel Paella Pan of Valencia

    • It is the one traditionally used to make Valencian paella.

    • Sturdy, endurable, inexpensive

    • Suitable for Gas and open fire

    • Made in Valencia (Spain)

    paella pans for gas  paella pans for open fire


    Carbon steel paella pan conducts heat quickly and evenly. The steel is thin but quite rigid and durable.

    Polished or Carbon steel paella pan has a slightly convex base that allows the oil to collect in the centre to assist in the first stages of preparing and cooking the dish. They are shallow and have sloping sides, which helps the rice cook evenly and develops more intense flavor.

    Carbon Steel requires a bit of care after each use to prevent rusting. See the "Care Instruction" tab.

  • Enamelled steel paella pan

    paella paellera de acero esmaltado Original Paella Valenciana de Valencia

      • Enamelled steel paella pans.

    • Easy to clean and durable

    • Suitable for Gas, open fire and oven.

    • Made in Valencia (Spain)

    quemador de gas paellero   apto para Leña o fuego paellero  paella paellera apta para horno




    Enamel paella pans are made of steel. They are coated with a black and white speckled enamel, so rusting will not be an issue. It is easy to clean and store and it won't need oiling after use.

    It has a slightly convex base that allows the oil to collect in the centre to assist in the first stages of preparing and cooking the dish.

  • Paella de grosor especial (Profesional)

    Original Paella Valenciana de Valencia

    • Paella de uso profesional

    • Muy resistentes a la deformación

    • Aptas para cocinas de gas y a leña.

    • Fabricadas en Valencia (España)



    El espesor de la chapa de toda la paella es más grueso para garantizar su durabilidad en usos continuados.

    Requieren mantenimiento después de cada uso para evitar la oxidación






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  • Stainless Steel Paella Pan
    • stainless steel paella pansPaella pan made of Stainless steel 18/10
    • Mirror finish
    • Recommended for Gas, open fire and oven
    • Made in Valencia (Spain)
    paella pan for gas  paella pan for open fire  paella pan for oven



    This Stainless Steel paella pan is our top of the range; with a mirror finish and easy maintenance, this paella pan will be a centrepiece for your kitchen or a special present.

    Stainless steel paella pan is maintenance free, with no special cleaning required. For more information on care and cleaning please see the "Care Instruction" tab.

  • Induction Paella Pans

    This is a range of Paella Pans with a flat extra thick base specially designed for electric, ceramic and induction hobs.  Unlike the traditional paella pan, that has a slight curved base, induction paella pan or paella induction with the flat base and extra thickness, will allow a closer contact with the hob.

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