the best Ingredients for valencian paella

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  • Rice

    the best rice for an Original paella from Albufera natural park

  • Condiments
  • Butter Beans for Paella

    butter beans for valencian paella

    "Garrofón" or Butter Beans for paella

    Authentic Valencian "garrofón" or Butter Beans or special Lima Beans for paella is an essential ingredient of the original Valencian paella

    This large white flat bean should be cooked slowly before being eaten, to ensure that it has the mild texture that will melt in your mouth. It is one of the main ingredients in authentic Valencian paellas. Their mild creaminess soaks up the flavours of the other ingredients. This native variety is a gourmet delicacy primarily available during all season.

    Valencian varietie Butter Beans has a great capacity to absorb and transmit the flavors of to the paella, our varieties are characterized by a thin skin and creamy texture, very soft on the palate, is a differentiating element of authentic paella. A paella without garrofón is not an original paella.

  • Olive Oil

    the best olive oil for original paella from sierra magina natural park